• Giant Onion Plants

Onion Plants to be dispatched from late November

10 seedlings from the Peter Glazebrook strain of onions.

As soon as the seedlings arrive they should be placed under 24hr T5 lighting or similar, keep continuous light for 5 – 6 weeks.

Pot on as soon as the roots start to form at the bottom of the pot.   Move into a heated (gas or electric) greenhouse with supplementary lighting starting on 9hrs during the day, maintain a min air temp of 10c.

Steadily increase the lighting day length until at 12hrs by the end of March.

A well ventilated/heated greenhouse or tunnel is best to plant into and large pots (min 80litre) filled with John Inness no2 compost, min temp.12c will provide disease free root growing conditions.  Early planting is beneficial but only if the light and temperature can be maintained. 

Keep leaves supported and free from thrip & spidermite pests.  Water once a week but avoid over watering, best to keep them on the drier side later on.

Feeding should not be required in larger pots but if necessary a little nitrogen can be added to the watering up to end of May and Potash given in July/August.

Shading of the growing structure will help to keep the temperature down during hot weather as will adequate ventilation.

The aim is to provide steady growth throughout as checks may result in double necks, split bulbs, saddleback and running to seed.

When to starts depends on when you can plant out, allow 3 – 4 months before this.

You may not be able to provide the ideal greenhouse/growing conditions but planting under covers, which provide protection from the cold, wind & rain, is essential to achieve the best results possible.

Peter achieved his World Record onion in 150 litre pots in a 3m x 4.5m tunnel which was fitted with lights, heating and fan ventilation.

Have a go and let us know how you get on www.facebook.com/groups/giantvegetablecommunity

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Giant Onion Plants

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